How to Update Addresses Details for Contact\Account After Importing those record

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    Hi All,

    I would like to provide small Info regarding How to Update Address Records for respective Accounts\Contacts using Native Tool in CRM Online.

    If you are using Native Tool to Import Accounts\Contacts Records into Engage along with Addresses details of respective Accounts \Contacts, Records will get successfully imported to Engage without any issues ., but Address Info will not show in Address Sub-Grid cause Mail Type and Address Number are not updated while Importing Accounts\Contacts.

    As per CRM Configurations , Address Number , Address Type and Mail Type has to be provided for Address Records in order to update Address Relationships with specific Records like Account\Contact. Hence , below is the option which you can use if you are Importing Accounts\Contacts Records using Native Tool.

    Import Account\Contact using Native along with Addresses details
    Using Advanced Find , try to retrieve related Addresses for either Accounts\Contacts.

    Retrieve associated Accounts\Contacts Addresses and download the excel sheet with all the required information.
    Create columns i.e. Mail Type , Address Number and Address Type in Excel and update the values for the same as per your requirement.

    Reimport Address Records so that existing records will get updated with mentioned info and associated Addresses records will be displayed in Addresses Sub-grid.

    Note :
    Once after exporting the static excel data sheet – Do not remove columns ( A, B , C) as A holds Primary Key Info and during Import Operation – CRM will perform Primary Key check to verify if record already exists. If record already exists , record will just updated instead of creating new record.

    Screenshot for Primary Key Column which is hidden in sheet :

    Do Not use CSV file to Upload data to Engage. Use Excel file to update Address Records as CSV upload will try to create new records instead of updating existing ones. Excel will successfully update existing records as shown below:

    Thanks for visiting the Blog.

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